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ZAC de Cadréan BP 55
44500 Montoir de Bretagne

Tél : 02 40 90 08 09
Fax : 02 40 90 08 00

FR 45 879 429 462
SAS au capital de 100 000€
N° de SIRET : 0010879429462

Publication manager : Cédric Valmalle

Hosting :

63, 65 Boulevard Massena
75013 Paris


Design and execution :
Monsieur Lucien
9 rue Dugommier
4100 Nantes


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Each form limits the collection of personal data to what is strictly necessary to process your request.

Personal data collected as part of the services offered on are transmitted and stored according to secure protocols.

BUSS IDEA OFFSHORE has IT resources to manage the requests it receives. For any information on this subject or to exercise your “Data Processing and Liberties” rights on the files managed by BUSS IDEA Offshore, you can contact us electronically or by signed letter accompanied by a copy of an identity document at the following address:
ZAC de Cadréan BP 55
44500 Montoir de Bretagne

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